Osclass Translations

Translate osclass in minute using core translations provided by community

Osclass community is great and over time we were able to collect translations for more than 30 languages. That's big thanks to everyone that participated on translating this classified script.
If you would like to help community and share your translations, please do so in your Backoffice > International > Translations, in section "Create or update translations" select language and translation and on Edit translation page hit "Provide to community" button. Thank you!

Completed translations

Following translations are completed or close to completion (80%+ translated strings).
Code Language Osclass version Updated  
ar_SY Arabic (Syria) v8.2.1 or higher 20 Feb 2024 Download
de_DE German (Germany) v8.2.1 or higher 5 Feb 2024 Download
da_DK Danish (Denmark) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Jan 2024 Download
hu_HU Hungarian (Hungary) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Jan 2024 Download
no_NO Norwegian (Norway) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Jan 2024 Download
sk_SK Slovak (Slovakia) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Jan 2024 Download
zh_CN Chinese (China) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Jan 2024 Download
fr_FR French (France) v8.2.1 or higher 14 Jan 2024 Download
ar_DZ Arabic (Algeria) v8.2.1 or higher 31 Dec 2023 Download
ru_RU Russian (Russia) v8.2.1 or higher 29 Dec 2023 Download
es_ES Spanish (Spain) v8.2.1 or higher 19 Dec 2023 Download
tr_TR Turkish (Türkiye) v8.2.1 or higher 13 Dec 2023 Download
ro_RO Romanian (Romania) v8.2.1 or higher 10 Dec 2023 Download
pt_PT Portuguese (Portugal) v8.2.1 or higher 6 Dec 2023 Download
uk_UA Ukrainian (Ukraine) v8.2.1 or higher 4 Dec 2023 Download
ar_EG Arabic (Egypt) v8.2.1 or higher 3 Dec 2023 Download
id_ID Indonesian (Indonesia) v8.1.2 or higher 17 Nov 2023 Download
it_IT Italian (Italy) v8.1.2 or higher 10 Nov 2023 Download
he_HE Hebrew v8.1.2 or higher 19 Oct 2023 Download
fa_IR Persian (Iran) v8.1.2 or higher 16 Sep 2023 Download
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil) v8.1.2 or higher 17 Aug 2023 Download
cs_CZ Czech (Czech Republic) v8.1.2 or higher 10 Jul 2023 Download
hr_HR Croatian (Croatia) v8.1.2 or higher 10 Jul 2023 Download
vi_VN Vietnamese (Vietnam) v8.1.2 or higher 7 Jun 2023 Download
az_AZ Azerbaijani v8.1.2 or higher 4 Jun 2023 Download
bg_BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria) v8.1.2 or higher 31 May 2023 Download
lt_LT Lithuanian (Lithuania) v8.1.1 or higher 26 Feb 2023 Download
pl_PL Polish (Poland) v8.1.1 or higher 13 Feb 2023 Download
nl_NL Dutch (Netherlands) v8.1.0 or higher 3 Feb 2023 Download
sr_SR Serbian v8.0.2 or higher 14 Jun 2022 Download
fi_FI Finnish (Finland) v4.3.0 or higher 6 Apr 2021 Download
ca_ES Catalan (Spain) v3.5.0 or higher 18 Oct 2020 Download
ja_JA Japanese v3.3.0 or higher 15 Oct 2020 Download
th_TH Thai (Thailand) v3.5.0 or higher 12 Oct 2020 Download
zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan) v3.5.0 or higher 8 Oct 2020 Download
el_GR Greek (Greece) v3.5.0 or higher 28 Sep 2020 Download
... Osclass is ready in 36 languages. All thanks to community! 😎

Unfinished translations

Following translations are partially completed or are empty (prepared for translation). If you download and translate following, please share it with community!
Code Language Osclass version Updated  
ug_UG Uyghur (Uyghur) v8.1.2 or higher 10 Jul 2023 Download