Installation & Upgrade Guide

Install osclass simply just by few clicks and upgrade osclass with just 1 click

New installation layout of osclass makes it easy to install even for users with no coding skills.

Initialize installation

Open link to your website on your hosting where osclass ZIP archive has been already extracted (Check "Get Started" section).
Message tells osclass seems not to be installed and ask you to initialize installation.
Initialize Osclass Installation
Upload Osclass

Requirements check

Osclass will check if your hosting provider / server meets all the requirements. If everything is allright, you can continue, otherwise installation will be cancelled.
You can also change installation language if needed.
  • PHP version 7.2 or newer
  • MySQL database
  • MySQLi module for PHP
  • GD module for PHP
  • ImageMagick module for PHP (optional)

Database information

Enter database connection information. It is recommended to first create database for osclass script and then just enter host (+port), database name, database user name, database password and prefix osclass tables will use.
Install Osclass
Customize Osclass

Website information

Enter basic information about your classified website.
First, admin user name and password used to login into oc-admin, then website name and contact email to site owner (you).
You can also choose to import locations information for your country, however this can be done also from administration


You have successfully installed osclass on your server. Write down admin login details, you will also receive confirmation email to mailbox (contact email).
Classifieds are ready, let's start your business now!
Install Osclass
Customize Osclass

Osclass upgrade

There are just few simple steps to upgrade your osclass to latest version:
  • upload osclass ZIP file into your root directory where osclass is installed
  • extract ZIP to replace old files
  • go to oc-admin, you will be prompted to perform upgrade
  • click on "Upgrade now" button
  • once finish, everything is updated and ready to use
Make sure to backup your files and database before each upgrade! In case you got stucked on upgrade, restore your database and file system.

Premium Service

Looking for someone to do complete installation of Osclass classifieds script for you?.