Osclass Features

Discover most important features of best classified open-source script!

Osclass is being developed for more than 10 years already. By this time it got more than 100 000 installations, great community and many developers constantly improving osclass.
  • Simplicity
    Osclass can be installed within 2 minutes without any programming skills required. Does not use frameworks, is easy to manage and customize.
  • Lightweight
    Installation ZIP has less than 6MB and can be installed on any hosting plan, including shared hosting and lowest plans possible.
    It only require PHP 7.2 or higher, MySQLi extension, GD extension and MySQL database.
  • Scalability
    Osclass can handle millions of listings and thousands of online users with ease. Available plugins for AWS S3 Storage helps to manage terabytes of user pictures.
  • Community
    Great community around Osclass is helping especially with translations, but is also active on forums discussing various topics related to core, themes and plugins.
  • Documentation
    Well documentent Osclass features & backoffice helps to start with Osclass much quicker.
  • Intuitive backoffice
    "Wordpress based" back is very UX friendly and helps to easily transfor from Wordpress to Osclass.
  • Customizations
    No PHP frameworks means Osclass only use pure PHP, that makes it super-easy to customize and modify. Themes usually use pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Open-Source software
    Comparing to other scripts, Osclass is completely free of charge!
  • No dependency
    Osclass does not use PHP frameworks. Osclass is also not build on Wordpress or any other sript. It's build from scratch for only mission - classifieds & marketplace platform.
  • Marketplace
    Hundreds of themes & plugins tailored for different business areas helps to easily customize your classifieds on your business area.
  • SEO Optimized
    Your classified website is ready to be indexed by Google and other search engines as soon as it is created. There are many SEO friendly features like meta tags, rich snippets etc.
  • Focused
    Osclass is fully focused on Classifieds and Marketplace solutions. Comparing to Wordpress, that tries to suit everything, Osclass is completely optimized for this purpose, millions of listings and thousands of online users.
  • Secure
    In general, comparing to other scripts, Osclass is extremely secure with regular security updates. As Osclass community is much smaller, it means Osclass websites are not interesting for hackers as well (there are no "millions of installations").