Logos, Icons and Graphics

Official Osclass logo

When you require logo or icon for publication/blog, please use one of following official logos for Osclass.


List of all official logos & icons to be used for Osclass.
Osclass Logo Small - 105x32 Osclass Logo Small (105x32) Download
Osclass Logo Medium - 210x64 Osclass Logo Medium (210x64) Download
Osclass Logo Large - 420x128 Osclass Logo Large (420x128) Download
Osclass Logo Extra Large - 840x256 Osclass Logo Extra Large (840x256) Download
Osclass Icon Small - 64x64 Osclass Icon Small (64x64) Download
Osclass Icon Medium - 128x128 Osclass Icon Medium (128x128) Download
Osclass Icon Large - 256x256 Osclass Icon Large (256x256) Download
Osclass Icon Extra Large - 512x512 Osclass Icon Extra Large (512x512) Download