Get Started

Just few steps to your classifieds!

No worry, installation of osclass is really simple and does not require programming skills. It can be done within 3 minutes.
1 Download Osclass

Download the latest Osclass version to your desktop.

Download Osclass v8.2.1
2 Extract & Upload Osclass to Hosting

First extract downloaded ZIP on your desktop. You may skip this step if you can extract ZIP directly on your server.

Use an FTP program like FileZilla for upload and 7zip to extract archive on your desktop.

If your hosting provides cPanel interface, you may skip these steps and use web interfact to upload & extract Osclass into your server.

FileZilla 7zip
3 Install Osclass on Your Hosting

Open your server/website URL in browser like Chrome or Filefox.

Make sure your all server requirements are met.

Follow Osclass installation instructions. You will need to prepare connection to your MySQL database (host:port, user and pass).

Installation Guide Installation Video (2:12)
4 Customize and Enhance Your Marketplace

Select one of your themes to provide attractive look to your website and attract more visitors.

We also prepared 120+ plugins to add new functionality to Osclass like payments, SEO, cache, messenger and much more!

Osclass Themes Osclass Plugins
5 Download Language

Download your preferred language and it's translations and save time with localization of your marketplace.

We already have 40+ translations available!

Languages and Translations
6 Download Geolocation Data

Download your preferred locations - Country/Region/City and save time creating locations structure manually.

We have prepared data for 248 countries from trusted sources.

Languages and Translations


Congratulations, you are done!

Your online marketplace is ready to invite sellers